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Hokkaido Taiga Salmon Watching Tour

Squeezing the last of their strength, the sight of the salmon powerfully running up the river is heart-warming! A salmon watch tour where you can feel the great nature on a global scale. Welcome salmon that have traveled the open sea for years.

The Tokachi River runs through the center of a vast plain. For several months from late summer to late autumn, salmon return to their native rivers after nearly three years of open sea travel. This is a guided tour where you can observe the swimming and spawning activities of these salmon at various points. Depending on the season, you can also see salmon spawning at your feet. While feeling the preciousness of the nature and creatures of the Tokachi River, you can see the autumn traditions of Tokachi, Hokkaido. At the end of the tour, cafe time is set, and you can spend a time enjoying delicious local sweets while watching the scenery. In the midst of nature-filled scenery, the sight of salmon powerfully running up the river is heart-warming. Please take a look at it with your own eyes. This activity is held with the full cooperation of the Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau and Makubetsu Town.


Period: September 1st to October 10th *Rain or shine

​ Reservation deadline: 3 days in advance

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Price: 6,000 yen per person

​ Payment: Local cash

Included in the price: insurance / experience guide fee / sweets fee


Meeting time: 13:30

Implementation time: 14:00-16:00 *Negotiable for implementation in the morning

​Time required: about 3 hours (including round-trip travel time)

​ *The required time may vary depending on the situation.


Minimum number of participants: 3 people

Number of applicants: From 1 person

Target age: Elementary school students and above (accompanied by a guardian)


Meeting place: Accommodation near Obihiro Station. Alternatively, accommodations at Tokachigawa Onsen and Makubetsu Onsen.

Experience location: Tokachigawa Chiyoda new waterway

9-5-5 Nishijujo Minami, Obihiro City, Hokkaido (about 5 minutes by car from JR Obihiro Station)


Clothing: Not specified

What to bring: None

Cancellation Policy:

​ 50% cancellation fee on the day before, 100% cancellation fee on the day

Cancellation without prior notice will result in a 100% cancellation fee.
* Only for customer convenience

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