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​Yamasachi & Umiyuki Kitchen
Homma's "Spring rice" "Autumn rice"

Enjoy Tokachi's seasonal edible wild plants and delicious seafood at the fisherman's house


An activity to enjoy lunch with freshly harvested mountain vegetables and Hokkaido-like seafood at Otsu fishing port in Toyokoro town, located on the coast of the Tokachi area.

You can experience harvesting wild vegetables grown in the sea breeze under the supervision of Mr. Honma's family, who have been fishing in this area for generations. After the harvesting experience, we will enjoy lunch with freshly picked mountain vegetables and seafood from Otsu at Mr. Homma's house.

Even if you just take a short walk in the mountains full of nature, you will be healed both physically and mentally by the pleasant and delicious air.

Wild vegetables from Hokkaido have an exceptional taste and aroma!

Enjoy the freshly picked mountain vegetables grown in Tokachi, which is rich in nature.

In Hokkaido, which is rich in nature, it is a pleasure for the locals to enjoy delicious wild vegetables in spring and autumn. In spring, there are ascetic garlic, cod sprouts, Udo, and bracken. In autumn, deciduous mushrooms, oak mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, etc. Especially those that grow wild in nature are really delicious, and you can't easily eat them at restaurants. Why don't you try eating such fresh and delicious wild vegetables once?

Feel free to enjoy the wild vegetable picking experience empty-handed ♪

Even if you have never picked edible wild plants before, you can enjoy it with peace of mind with the guidance of the veteran staff. There are also inedible things that live there, so even locals find it difficult to harvest without a detailed guide.

In addition, you need some equipment to pick wild vegetables, but as long as you come in the minimum amount of clothing, we have prepared all the equipment, so you can easily participate in the trip.

The Tokachi area has a thriving fishing industry.The seafood you can catch is exquisite!

Great as a drive route!

The Tokachi area is famous for its agriculture and dairy farming, but it is also one of the richest areas in Hokkaido, rich in marine resources.

There are four large fishing ports in Tokachi, one of which is the Otsu area. Starting with salmon, you can catch a lot of really delicious seafood such as cod, cherry salmon, shishamo, surf clams, various whelks, and hair crabs.

In addition, the route from the vast Tokachi Plain to the coast is the best driving route, and the driving route that passes through the vast plains to the coastline with the big sky will make you feel as if you are surrounded by nature. We have also prepared a route map of the recommended drive route, so please take advantage of it.


Holding period: Spring rice late April to May

autumn rice october

Please contact us for the latest information on your reservation date.

* The holding period may change depending on the growth condition of wild vegetables.

​ Reservation deadline: 3 days in advance

Free icon of hand receiving bills.png

Price: 8,000 yen/person

​ Payment: Local cash

Included in price: Experience guide fee/ equipment rental / meals / insurance


Meeting time: 9:30

End time: Around 14:00

​Time required: about 5 hours


Minimum number of participants: 2 people

* If the minimum number of participants is not reached at the time of reservation, the day before the use

Please wait until your reservation is confirmed. 2 participants

The tour may not run if the

However, even if you do not have 2 or more people, you will be charged for 2 people.

If you can, we can organize the event.

Maximum number of participants: 4given name

Number of applicants: From 1 person

Target age: Elementary school students and above *Please contact us if there are people under elementary school age


The meeting place:Toyokoro Town Otsu Area Community Center Parking Lot

Address: 13-1 Otsusaiwai-cho, Toyokoro-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido

​ *Please contact us if you need transportation to your accommodation.


Experience location: Toyokoro-cho coastal forest, etc.


​In case of bad weather: The tour will be held in light rain, but will be canceled in case of stormy weather.

again, It will be canceled if a state of emergency is declared.

     Please note.

* In this case, no cancellation fee will be charged.

Clothing: Long sleeves and long pants. hat.

What to bring: Not necessary.

Please bring your own camera equipment.

Other notes:

The wild vegetable harvesting experience is just an experience level,

We do not harvest in large quantities.Please note.

​ Also, the place where you can experience harvesting is private property with the owner's permission.

In order to protect the forest,

Please wear an eye mask while moving.

In addition, the staff will keep your mobile phone.

Thank you for your cooperation.

In the unlikely event that you cannot cooperate, please end the harvesting experience in the middle.

I have also received it. Please note. ​

Cancellation Policy:

​ 50% cancellation fee on the day before, 100% cancellation fee on the day

Cancellation without prior notice will result in a 100% cancellation fee.
* Only for customer convenience

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