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Tokachi Four Seasons Terrace Spring

You can enjoy the chair ring, footbath, and soul food of Tokachi while watching the nature of Tokachi in spring.


It is an activity to enjoy under the cherry blossom trees, but there are times when the cherry blossoms are not in bloom.
Thank you for your understanding in advance when making a reservation.

The Tokachi area where cherry blossoms are in full bloom during Golden Week. Depending on the season, you can relax while looking at the row of cherry blossom trees.

The harsh winter is over, the trees are turning colors,The season when flowers sprout. In the distance you can see the heavy snow mountains still covered with snow.pictureRuSuperb view. Along with such a view, feel the comfortable spring breeze.

Loka in Tokachi with the healing sceneryLeEnjoy gourmet food.

Beginning with a welcome drink of non-alcoholic champagne, lunch is "Indian curry", a soul food representing Tokachi.Indian curry eaten outdoors is delicious.

Furthermore, steamed potatoes with Rokkatei Marusei butterthe ultimate potatoEnjoy steamed butter and carefully selected vegetables.
after dinner dessert
Enjoy tea time with carefully selected local sweets.

You might even see wild animals!

There are red foxes and many wild birds..

Occasionally, long-tailed tit also lives nearby.

Although it depends on luck, it is proof that the natural environment is rich.


Period: From April 10th to June 30th, 2023.

​ Reservation deadline: 3 days in advance

Free icon of hand receiving bills.png

Price: 7,000 yen/person

​ Payment: Local cash

Included in the price: insurance / food, drinks, snacks, etc.


Pick-up time: 10:-30-11:00

There is a possibility.

Implementation time: 11:00~13:00

​ *The implementation time may be adjusted depending on the weather.

​Time required: about 2 hours

​ *The required time may vary depending on the situation.


Minimum number of participants: 2 people

Number of applicants: From 1 person

Target age: From 3 years old * Please contact us for children under 3 years old


Meeting place: We will pick you up at your accommodation

*Limited to hotels near JR Obihiro Station.

​ Otherwise, please contact us.

Experience location: On the Obihiro River embankment


Clothing: Since you will be enjoying the footbath, please do not wear stockings or tights.

Please come.

What to bring: None

Cancellation Policy:

​ 50% cancellation fee on the day before, 100% cancellation fee on the day

Cancellation without prior notice will result in a 100% cancellation fee.
* Only for customer convenience

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